Passion for sports and the research for high performance make Zero Wind® the brand specialized in technical fabrics supplies for a wide range of uses.

Zero Wind® takes great care of the entire production process, investing in the development of innovative materials, in order to allow the creation of high-performance garments, to meet the needs in the areas of cycling, running, skiing, trekking and more generally outdoor.

Before their distribution, the designed fabrics are tested by technicians and athletes, to ensure the best use experience for the end user.

Bio Approved

Zero Wind® Technology

Zero Wind® is a hydrophilic membrane with dynamic breathability, a true barrier against atmospheric agents, which allows the osmotic passage of the sweat from the warmer inner part to the colder external one. With this process the membrane is able to regulate the breathing action depending on the activity exerted: with a high physical activity, the transpiration will be intesified.

Zero Wind® for ecology

Zero Wind® on a wide range of fabrics uses an ecological water repellent treatment with the following characteristics and performances:

  • flourine-free composition
  • water-repellent
  • excellent color retention
  • faster drying
  • soil-repellent
  • high breathability
  • resistance to washing

Fabrics with BIO-WR treatment are recognizable by the specific green label.

Zero Wind® ECO

Zero Wind® presents its new range of ECO fabrics: “ecological” polyester fabrics derived from the use of yarns entirely generated from the recovery of plastic bottles. The characteristics of recycled polyester fibers are the same as the original ones, and it has proved to be perfectly suited to their use: stability, versatility and dynamism are the hallmarks of Zero Wind® ECO fabrics ideal for creating technical clothing. The final product is entirely derived from recycled material through a mechanical, non-chemical process, which leads to the generation of Global Recycled Standard certificates yarns and the subsequent creation of 100% Made in Italy fabrics.




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