The future is green and the world of fashion has begun to take giant steps introducing this new sustainable approach. Even the sportswear sector, the largest user of polyester fabrics, is committed to study, create and propose innovative fabrics created by recycling different materials and especially the recovery of post-consumer waste.

Zero Wind® certainly doesn’t want to watch and in Friedrichshafen, during the yearly EUROBIKE exhibition, has presented its new range of ECO fabrics: “ecological” polyester fabrics derived from the use of yarns entirely generated from the recovery of plastic bottles. The characteristics of recycled polyester fibers are the same as the original ones, indeed better, and it has proved to be perfectly suited to their use: stability, versatility and dynamism are the hallmarks of Zero Wind® fabrics ideal for the create any technical apparel. The final product is entirely derived from recycled material through a mechanical, non-chemical, process which leads to the generation of Global Recycled Standard certified yarns and the subsequent creation of 100% Made in Italy fabrics.

Zero Wind® with the new ECO line wants to officially set its commitment in the ambitious sustainability project, defining and promoting an internal process of continuous research and development aimed at proposing solutions that meet the needs of all its partners and also of the environment .